Pistachio Bulk Sale in canada

Apr 27, 2019 | News

We offer pistachio bulk sale in Canada in various grades and sizes. Our pistachio bulk collection includes raw, roasted, in-shell, shelled and processed. The origin of pistachio trees is not clear; however, it possibly originated from Central Asia, with the optimal climate for growing pistachios, which is the arid climate. The top countries producing pistachio are the United States of America, China, Greece, Italy, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Spain, and the Middle East countries. We provide you with the highest quality of pistachios from the Middle East, according to your demands. It is also interesting to know that the top countries consuming pistachio are the United States of America, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, and the Middle East countries.

Buy Pistachios in Bulk

There are several benefits for the consumers in buying dry foods, including pistachio, in bulk. For instance, they can buy exactly the amount that they need, whether it is one hundred grams or ten kilograms, and they are not compelled to go with the predetermined amounts. Freshness is also another issue, for example, in the case of pistachio in bulk sale, they are constantly being refilled and thus, they are fairly fresh. Other than that the consumers can personally see up close what they are buying, and they can test the product before buying.

Economic Benefits of Buying Pistachios in Bulk

Another reason is the cost; it is almost always cheaper to buy nuts, such as pistachio in bulk. Thus, buying in bulk offers the customer a significant saving. Moreover, packaging wastes would be significantly reduced for instance when the customers buy pistachio in bulk. Other than the lesser amount of packaging and plastic waste, the shelf space required in retail stores would be appreciably decreased. Finally, there is the issue of transportation to get all the products to the stores as well; in shipping, bulk foods, as in our case, pistachio bulk, can be packed much more densely compared with packaged foods. In a study, the packaging used for bulk foods showed a 96 percent reduction compared with that of packaged foods.

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