Kalle Ghoochi Pistachios

Kalle Ghoochi is one of the most important commercial cultivars, second only to Fandoghi cultivar, in terms of importance and the area under cultivation. Kalle Ghoochi pistachios are also known as Jumbo pistachios. Jumbo is large and round pistachio, and it has its own special flavor. The relatively high yield and its large and hazelnut shape fruits are among the main factors of selection and expansion of this cultivar. Kalle Ghoochi has stronger branches compared with Fandoghi cultivar. It is also more sensitive to water and food shortages. In most of the years, due to early flowering, especially in cold areas, there is a risk of spring frost.

Jumbo Pistachio

Kalle Ghoochi Pistachio Tree

This cultivar has moderate growth potential and a spacious growth habit. The height of the tree is 309 centimeters (medium height), and the width of the tree crown is 323 centimeters (medium width). The trunk diameter is 11.4 centimeters; it is one of the cultivars with a thick trunk. The flowering of Kalle Ghoochi pistachio tree starts at the end of March and the flowering period is 13 days. The flower buds are spherical in this cultivar. The onset of the accelerated growth of the kernel is in late July and the time of fruit ripening is at the beginning of September.

Kalle Ghoochi Pistachio Fruit

The tip of the fruit with green skin is very stunted. When the fruit is ripening, the green color of the shell starts to turn to gray red; in addition, gaps appear in the green skin. The wet weight of the fruit with green skin is 3 grams, the weight of the green peel is 1.18 grams, and the pistachio dry weight is 1.17 grams. Moreover, the length of the dry pistachio is 20 millimeters, and the width of the dry pistachio is 12 millimeters. The shape of the dry pistachio is spherical. The kernel’s dry weight is 0.587 grams. The weight percentage of dry pistachios to pistachios with green skin is 38 percent. The kernel’s outer skin color is gray red, and the shell color is bone white.

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