Fandoghi Pistachios

Round pistachio, which is also known as Fandoghi pistachio, is one of the most significant pistachio cultivars, very famous, and compatible in most pistachio growing regions. This type of pistachio is called Fandoghi because it looks like hazelnut in terms of size; actually, Fandogh means hazelnut and Fandoghi means something which looks like a hazelnut. These pistachios are also known as Ohadi pistachios. Fandoghi or Round pistachios are more popular than other types of pistachios because of their colorful appearance and delicious taste. They are small in size, slightly larger than hazelnuts; therefore, the number of pistachios per kilogram is higher, which makes them more economical compared with the other types of pistachios.

Round Pistachio

Fandoghi Pistachio Tree

This cultivar has moderate growth potential and a spacious growth habit. The height of the tree is 308 centimeters (medium height), and the width of the tree crown is 380 centimeters (high width). The majority of its leaves are three-leafed, and its terminal leaflets are longer than the lateral leaflets. The flowering of Fandoghi pistachio tree starts at the beginning of April and the flowering period is 11 days. The flower buds in this cultivar have a stretched conical shape. The onset of the accelerated growth of the kernel is in the middle of June and the time of fruit ripening is at the beginning of September.

Fandoghi Pistachio Fruit

The fruit’s skin color is green, and the tip of the fruit with green skin is very stunted. When the fruit is ripening, this green color starts to turn to dark violet and pale red; furthermore, gaps appear in the green skin. The wet weight of the fruit with green peel is 48 grams, the pistachio dry weight is 0.976 grams, the length of the dry pistachio is 18 millimeters, the width of the dry pistachio is 11 millimeters, and the pistachio diameter is 11 millimeters; the diameter and the width of the pistachios are almost equal. The shape of the dry pistachio is spherical. The kernel’s dry weight is 0.508 grams. The weight percentage of dry pistachios to pistachios with green skin is 39 percent. The kernel’s outer skin color is amethystine, and the shell color is bone white.
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