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Jun 23, 2019 | News

If you are looking to buy pistachio wholesale, you can expect a profitable deal with us. The Middle East is one of the biggest suppliers of pistachios in the world. As you may know, people around the world use pistachios in different foods such as ice creams, juices, cookies, salads, and many other foods. Consequently, there are different types of pistachios such as salted, sweetened, fresh, and dried; and in this respect, our company can satisfy your needs completely. Our company offers wholesale nuts in Toronto, and furthermore, we produce different types of nuts such as pistachios, hazelnuts, and cashews. We have the best sale offerings for you with high-quality products, and we can deliver our products according to your needs such as in raw or roasted, or shelled or in-shell forms. We will do our best to bring you top-quality products, and achieve your satisfaction.

Popularity of Pistachio

There is a question: why is pistachio so popular around the world? Well, there are various reasons, and we will try to mention a few of them. The history of pistachio farming refers to the Middle East. In addition to the delicious taste, pistachio is a very healthy and nutrient nut. Not only you can have pistachios as a snack but also as a complete food with cheese, in vegetable salads, and you can also add it to many different kinds of foods. The majority of pistachio is delivered to the market as dry food, and as you may know, dry food is usually healthier with longer shelf life due to lack of water, which limits the microbial activity. Therefore, it doesn’t get rotten as fast, which allows storage for extended periods, and you can buy them in bulk cheaper, and store them for your consumption. These delicious nuts are good for losing weight and help you decrease your blood cholesterol levels. These were some of the benefits of pistachios, which make them very popular around the world.

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